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12 Signs That Your Ex Wants To Get Back With You

There are relationships that end in a way that leaves you with permanent scars. But there are also loves, even though they ended a long time ago, they still look forward to each other and look forward to an opportunity to return to a happy time.

If you’re having a hunch about your ex’s return or are wondering if the two of you are likely to get back together, here are some signs that can help answer them.

If your ex still hasn’t had another relationship after breaking up with you, it means that he hasn’t found the right one yet. Or it could also be a sign that the person is looking forward to healing in the relationship between the two of you.

Here are some common reasons why your ex is expecting you back:

    • Your ex feels happy when he/she’s with you
    • Your ex is deeply aware of his mistakes in the past and wants to “love again” with you.
    • Your ex still loves you
    • Your ex can’t forget the good memories spent with you

However, before deciding to return to your old relationship, consider carefully to protect yourself.

12 Signs That Your Ex Is Looking Forward To Getting Back With You
1. Intentionally leaving things in your house

It can be said that “the act of forgetting things” at home is a way to maintain relationships. When your ex intentionally leaves something at your home, you will have to contact them to return the item. In some cases, the person may also use an excuse that he can’t come to you right away to prolong the relationship between the two of you.

To be more certain, you should consider the importance of the item that the person left behind. If it’s a towel or a brush, you shouldn’t think about the prospect of going further with your ex. But if it’s a folder or key to some drawer in the office, it’s a sign that the person is desperate to get back to you.

2. Don’t want to give you back what belongs to you

In another case, if you accidentally forgot something at his or her place and tried to get it back, but always had an excuse and couldn’t get it. It could be that the person is trying to maintain a connection between the two of you and is looking forward to the opportunity to get back together with you.

3. Always find a way to talk to you

If you’re both still following each other on social media, see if your partner regularly texts and comments on your posts. Or do they share with you information on topics that interest you? If the answer is yes, they are probably looking for an opportunity to mend their relationship with you.

Even so, you should still be wise and take the time to observe carefully because sometimes the other person just sees you as a soul mate they feel comfortable talking to.

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4. Reply to your messages very fast

If you send a text message to your partner and he or she responds quickly, even immediately, it’s a sign that they want to get back together. Usually, people will tend to prioritize replies to messages from the subjects they care about the most.

5. Pay attention to your life

Although it has been a while since you broke up, your ex still watches and congratulates you when you have good news. It shows that they still regularly monitor and update events around your life and look forward to sharing those joys with you.

6. Haven’t dated other people yet

It is very normal not to date anyone else after a breakup when that person has not really calmed down or wants to rest after a period of love.

However, if many years have passed, the person still has not had a relationship, even if he is not interested in another object, there is a high chance that he or she still has a lot of feelings for you.

7. Talk about you to their friends

When you still hold an important place in the other person’s mind, sometimes, they will unconsciously mention you in conversations with friends.

After a long time dating, surely both you and your partner know exactly where the other’s favorite places are. Therefore, sometimes the person will intentionally go to familiar places on weekends or after work to increase the chances of seeing you.

However, it is possible that you will find it annoying to see your partner often or notice some signs of excessive or even unhealthy stalking behavior after you both have broken up. At that time, you should seek support from people around or the police to protect yourself.

9. Shy to meet you

On the first dates, the two must have been shy and shy around each other. If your ex is shy when you two have the opportunity to meet, he/she may still have a lot of feelings for you.

10. They call you when they’re drunk

When drunk, people tend to express their honest thoughts. If the person calls you when drunk, it means that you are the first and permanent image that pops up in their mind.

In cases like this, you should trust your instincts as well as what you know about the person to determine if the call contains the person’s sincerity, or if it’s just a matter of fact. an “accidental” call while in low alertness.

11. Body language

If the person likes you, they will involuntarily move closer to you or will limit their distance from you, such as crossing their arms or putting their hands in their pockets. When given the opportunity to interact with you, blushing or trying to maintain contact for a long time can also be some signs that they want to get back with you.

12. Show you their efforts and sincerity

Maybe, when you were together, the other person displayed bad behaviors or traits that made you feel tired. The truth is that people change over time and if your ex is still thinking about you, they will show you positive changes in the hope of mending your relationship. If that person is willing to give up bad habits or give up things you don’t like for you, then you are sure to hold a very important place in their heart.

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