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24 Small Actions Girls Always Expect From Their Lovers

Just a few simple actions in our daily lives make us happy because we have that person by our side. What do girls expect from their lover?

1. Hope he publicizes your love, introduces you in chats, meets with friends and relatives so that you don’t feel lost, and easily integrates with everyone.

2. Call you on the way home from work and ask if you need anything. That action is simple but makes you feel that your lover always thinks and cares about you.

3. Hope your lover will understand, and yield to you, especially pay attention to your feelings during the red light days.

4. Put his phone away every time he talks to you, especially on dates. It shows that he appreciates his time with you.

5. Surprise you with small gifts like a flower, some candy, or a teddy bear… even if it’s not on a special occasion. That action shows that he remembers all of your hobbies and habits, paying attention to even the smallest things.
6. Respect your private time. There are days when you need some quiet time to focus on yourself and you hope your partner understands that.

7. Appreciate what you do for them. You are willing to spend time preparing dinner for both of you, planning romantic dates and the only thing you expect is a thank you from your partner.

8. Intimate contact when both sit next to each other. Holding hands, leaning on the shoulder or a hug also makes you feel warm and peaceful.

9. Help you massage your limbs after a tiring working day.

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10. An unexpected hug from behind.

11. Regularly send messages to ask, good night, and good morning every day.

12. Send you pictures that remind them of you.

13. Romantic gestures like hand kisses, forehead kisses, and cheek kisses… will make your heart melt.

14. When the two of you watch a movie or any show together, your partner will look at you to make sure you’re interested in the show as well.

15. A simple text message like I miss you, I’m thinking of you… is enough to make you happy.
16. Prepare dinner, clean the house, wash the dishes together… What’s better than when you come home after a tiring day at work and see that the house is neat and tidy, and the food is ready.

17. Wink at you.

18. Get some sticky notes or handwritten letters from your lover. They remind you of the memories of the two of you, the good things they give you so that you appreciate their presence in your life.

19. Help you tie or dry your hair.

20. Give compliments to motivate you.

21. Sharing personal interests with you helps you both get to know each other better, also making it easier for you to choose gifts for them on special occasions.
22. Hold the door for you.

23. Gently look at you and smile.

24. Ready to listen to you anytime.

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