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The Past Is Actually The Present If You Haven’t Changed

I don’t ever want to go through another stage in my life again where I am telling a man how he should treat me.

My loyalty runs so deep that I will fight for something until I feel like there’s absolutely nothing left. No matter how bad it is, I will fight for the good times that could return. So once I stop arguing and checking on you. That’s when you know you officially lost me for good.
I want a relationship that I can still do my best in.. not a relationship where I think I have to leave in order to focus on myself. I wanna focus on myself right there with you and feel secure at it.

If you offer me a sincere apology and change your behavior, I’ll never bring up our past issues again.
If no apology was given and you’re still repeating mistakes, you can ask me to stop mentioning the past. The past is actually the present if you haven’t changed.

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Never trust someone who tells you you’re overthinking, reading too much into it, overreacting, or too sensitive. People who care about you will never say these things to you. People who care about you will want to hear why something is bothering you.

I often overplay my position in my people’s lives… I used to think it was because I had such a big giving heart, but now I’m understanding I lack boundaries. I’m always going above and beyond for those I love and when it’s not returned I find myself in my feelings.
If I choose to dismiss you from my life over something “simple” understand that it wasn’t the situation; that was just your last strike. Sometimes it’s not what you do, it’s how tired I am of you.

Best dating advice I ever got from moms. “The signs you ignore in beginning just end up being the reason you leave later. You know right away who is good and bad for you. Don’t ignore that”.
If you broke my trust and I loved you enough to let you back in and allow you to rebuild my trust again… only for you to leave me hanging and call me crazy for wanting reassurance and maybe an extra effort to gain back the security you took away. You’re the worst type of person.

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