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You Disrespect Yourself When You Beg Someone For Love

You disrespect yourself when you beg someone for the bare minimum things like love, attention, respect, affection, support, and reciprocation. Don’t do that sh*t again.

Never wanted peace in my life as much as I do now. Like, I’m so over things that complicate my life. I want complete peace of mind.

If you were to forget how you had changed me, If I were to show you any ingratitude, cut me looser and cast me away. Everything you do for me will always be cherished.

I think it all started when I stopped liking him. I still loved him but I didn’t like him anymore… and that’s when I knew my mind was preparing my heart for that moment the one where I would say “I’m done” and really mean it.

It’s crazy how someone can be your entire world and then just like that they disappear from your life like you never even knew each other. They break you in a way you didn’t know you could break, and leave you all alone to put together the pieces.

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It hurts when you have someone in your heart, but you can’t have them in your arms.

I’m not the type of person to give up on someone. Yes, sometimes get really mad and upset so I need a minute to cool off but I’ll never abandon you. I don’t leave people. And I think that’s why it always hurts so bad when people leave me.

Men are great at doing this thing where they consistently mistreat and manipulate women behind closed doors and once they successfully push her to her wits end they turn to everyone else and say: “Look at her! She’s crazy!” But they will NEVER tell you how they drove her there.

Realize that some people never grow up. They never learn their lesson or recognize their mistakes. They never accept their faults or admit they’re wrong. You may not get an apology or changed behavior… but don’t stress about it. There’s only so much you can do. Focus on yourself and your own growth.

A man will cheat on you, lie to your face as you sob to him begging him for the truth, lust over other women, gaslight, and manipulate the absolute f*ck out of your love for him then have the audacity to make you feel bad about your resultant trust issues, trauma, and mental instability lol.

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