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A man walked into a sandwich shop…

This shop was the talk of the town.

Fresh and new delicious sandwiches made each day.

The man ordered a foot long sub sandwich with all the fillings.

He sat down and took a bite. And spat it out immediately in disgust.

The bread was stale, almost rock hard, and tasted foul.

The man lifted the top of his sub off and saw a dead fly stuck to a slice of tomato, and cigarette ash sprinkled all through the meat.

Horrified, the man felt sick and ran outside for fresh air.

He stood there, hunched over, when he saw something even more terrifying.

A group of sandwich shop workers were down the side alley,

scooping used food scraps from the rubbish bins to make new sandwiches, ready to sell to customers.

Well, that was the final straw.

The man stormed back inside to the front counter, still holding his footlong sub sandwich.

“I want to see the manager right now!” He roared.

“What appears to be the problem?” A cashier worker asked kindly.

The man slammed his hand down, sending food from his sandwich flying:

“This sub is full of recycled material!”

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