Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Top 5 This Week

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A pothead, a math teacher, and a gym teacher all go to heaven

God tells them that heaven is full and they will have to trick the devil to be let in.

God calls the devil and the devil comes in and introduces himself.

The math teacher tries first and gives him a hard equation.

The devil solves it in 10 seconds and the teacher is sent to hell.

The gym teacher asks him to do 1000 push-ups in a row without stopping.

The devils does it without stopping and the gym teacher is sent to hell.

The pothead then says, “Give me a chair with 7 holes carved in it.”

The devils hands him the chair.

The pothead sits down on it and farts.

He asks the devil, “What hole did the fart come out of?”

The devil replies, “Easy, the third one.”

The pothead then says, “No, my asshole.”

And then makes his way to heaven.

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