Is It Worth To Start A Relationship With Someone, Even Though You Don’t See A Future Together?


Is It Worth To Start A Relationship With Someone, Even Though You Don’t See A Future Together?

Is It Worth To Start A Relationship With Someone, Even Though You Don't See A Future Together?
Is It Worth To Start A Relationship With Someone, Even Though You Don’t See A Future Together?

Let me tell you a story.

It is a true story. It is a love story. Many years ago I had a young friend who went through a very difficult break up with a young lady. In his deep state of heart ache and pain he decided to move away from the area he was living in because of all the memories. He moved to a small town in Nebraska to live with his father there in his father’s home town.

After about 8 months of grieving he decided to try to start dating again. He met a young lady who he liked, was attracted to, but definitely not in love with and he began dating her. This young man often talked with, and confided his thoughts to me. One day about six months after he had been dating this young lady he confided in me. He really did not see a future with this young lady. He liked her a lot, wanted to continue dating her. But was not in love with her, and did not feel he would ever be in love with her. I listened to him talk, and told him simply to “wait, and see”, and to just enjoy his dating experience with her, and to keep an open mind. Because, I saw something different, something he could not see yet.


He took my advice, and continued dating her, and as years went by he found that like, mutual respect, and trust had grown into a real, and deep love. After several more years of dating they were married. As with any great love story they went through difficult, and scary times together, she went through two bouts of cancer, and escaped its clutches both times. When she was diagnosed the second time he called me in tears, terrified that he was going to lose her. And saying he could not imagine a world without her in it, and how very much he loved her……

Thankfully she survived, but then they struggled with all the medical bills her treatments had generated. Still they worked through all these difficult times together, by loving each other, and slowly paying off their debts. Through all this his only thoughts were of how grateful. And fortunate he was to still have her with him.


And now they have their own home, are raising their 2 lovely children, have a bright little boy and a beautiful little girl, and still love each other very much.

The moral of this story is that we do not always know when like will transform into love. We cannot always predict our own futures. And to enjoy the company of another, whom you respect and trust, can sometimes lead to feelings you never imagined you could possibly have for someone. So go ahead and date someone, take your time, get to really know them, and see where it may lead you: You may be very surprised at the outcome of your efforts.

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Source: Janice Kimball, Quora

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