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Which Cup Will Get Filled First Brain Out

Looking for the answer to Which Cup Will Get Filled First Puzzle so here is the correct answer image. The puzzle is very popular on the internet and people are sharing on the social media like WhatsApp and Facebook and looking for the answer.

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Today I am going to give you the correct answer to this “Which Cup Will Get Filled First Puzzle” and also give you the proper explanation for the answer.

Which cup will get filled first?
Which cup will get filled first?

In this puzzle you can see the 7 tanks and they are connected with each other with a pipe. They are placed differently and in the different positions. All the tanks are labelled with numbers from 1 to 7 as you can see in the above image.

There is only 1 main tap above all the tanks and the water will start from that position. So, your task is to tell which of the cup or the tank will get filled first.

The answer image and the proper explanation is also given below so do check it and see whether you guessed the correct answer.

Question: Which Cup Will Get Filled First?


Answer: Cup 3 will get filled first.

You may be wondering how the answer is 3 let me explain you. If you look the above image you can clearly see I have marked some points on the image.

Firstly, you can see the pipe is blocked from 3 to 4 so the water will not go to the cup 4. Now see the end point of the pipe towards the 5th cup there is also a blockage so water will also not fill in the cup 5.

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Now move towards the left side see the pipe from 2nd cup to 6th cup there is also a blockage and 7th cup has a hole in it so the both cups are eliminated as well.

Now finally we have only 2 cups left and look at the 3rd cup it seems little small and position down so it will fill first with water.

Therefore, the correct answer to this puzzle is cup 3.

Let your friends give this a try!

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