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What are the signs when a woman loves a man?

Women in love are often difficult to understand. She can “say one thing, do another”; this is a regular occurrence. However, if you are subtle and pay attention to her expressions, you will find out if she loves you or not. A girl who truly loves you will definitely have these signs!

What are the signs when a woman loves a man?

What are the signs when a woman loves a man?
What are the signs when a woman loves a man?

1. She’ll somehow find excuses to spend time with you or talk to you.

2. She’ll be super comfortable with you and will share every tiny-little detail about her day with you.

3. She’ll never hesitate to share things with you that are ultra personal to her. What’s been troubling her, grossing her out, making her sick, and more.

4. However, she’ll also keep in mind to not trouble you too much unnecessarily.

5. She’ll laugh(even) at your horrible jokes. And tell you later how your humor sucks.

6. She’ll care for you like she’s your mother and you’re her little baby.

7. She’ll respect your time and wish you do the same for her.

8. Your goals will become her goals and she’ll stand by your side even in the most testing times.

9. She’ll encourage you to maintain your other relationships as well. With your friends, parents, relatives, etc. She wouldn’t become an impediment for you.

10. She’ll secretly be jealous of your female friends sometimes. But never more than that, cause she trusts you immensely.


11. She’ll be vulnerable to you.

12. She’ll try to melt you at times. So you stay with her a little while longer, to take care of yourself, to eat on time, to go talk to your cousin sister.

13. She’ll consider you her family.

14. She’ll talk with her eyes.

15. She’ll always think about your comforts and likings first.

16. She’ll secretly brag about you to her girl friends.

17. You’ll always be the second most handsome man in the world for her after her dad. She’ll find you handsome even if you’ve just woken up from sleep.

18. She’ll try to understand and help you in whatever manner she can.

19. She’ll appreciate your presence in her life.

20. When she is pissed at you, she wouldn’t be able to sleep/eat/live like she does normally. Her day will feel incomplete, dull, sad, dark, gloomy, etc. She will miss you even when she feels you hurt her terribly and were a real ghost to her.

21. Little things around her will remind her of you.

22. She’ll love you. She’ll think in long term. And She’ll be afraid yet secure, she’ll give you everything she possibly has to give to you.

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